3 most charming lighthouses in America


Lighthouses are special places that have an important place in the history.  Before the jet age, these lighthouses served as coastal beacons to everyone who traveled by ship. With arrivals of airplanes, sailing is no longer the most frequent way of travel but still, lighthouses play an important role in today’s time. Today, modern lighthouses are automated and there is no need of light keepers and air traffic controllers to manage them. Lighthouses fascinate tourists as they have historic story settings and the places around the lighthouse has the best lonely settings with gorgeous scenery around.

Portland Head Light, Maine


It is one of the oldest landmarks in the US that was constructed 200 years ago. The first beacon of the lighthouse was created by a lamp that used whale oil as fuel.  The structure of the lighthouse has altered but the original lighthouse still remains. The upper structure of the lighthouse as raised by 20 feet during the civil war and the exterior part was repaired after storm damage in the 1970’s.  The lightkeeper’s house is a now a maritime museum.

Pigeon Point Light Station, California


Built in 1872, the Pigeon Point Light Station is located on a beautiful Half Moon Bay located around 50 miles from San Francisco.  The lamp that acted as a source of light had 5 wicks.  The structure of the lighthouse has weakened so visitors are only allowed to view it from outside. However, one of the old light keeper residences has been converted into an inn and you can actually stay and experience both sunrise and sunset over the Pacific.

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse, North Carolina


It is one of the ominous places in the maritime history and in the past five centuries there has been more than 2000 more shipwreck. The Diamond Shoal near the lighthouse is also nicknamed as the “Graveyard of the Atlantic”.  The first lighthouse was built in the 1700’s on a land purchased from a local family for $50. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is new and stands 200 feet tall. The beacon of the lighthouse can be seen from nearly 20 miles out to the sea. Visitors are allowed to climb to the top of the lighthouse to enjoy panoramic views of the sea.

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