Las Vegas coolest neighborhoods you should visit


When you are visiting the Las Vegas, it is not always the casinos and other tourist attractions that give you the best travel experience. Las Vegas has several neighborhoods that are a delightful blend of architecture and restaurants housed in the building. Here is the list of coolest neighborhoods you must visit when you are visiting Las Vegas.

Boulder City

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The 726-foot high engineering wonder is known as hoover dam sits on the outskirts of the Boulder city. It is one of the America’s largest reservoirs which were built to harness the power of Colorado River. You can get access to the dam from inside by participating tours but you don’t have to participate in the tour to see the impressive historical structure from the outside. There are several good restaurants located in the heart of the city where you can enjoy home-style cooking. You can spend your afternoon visiting the shops and galleries shopping for antiques, souvenirs, and different collectibles.



Downtown is the oldest area of Las Vegas, the beginning of the great city. Even though the neighborhood is quite updated now, you can still get the feel of what old Las Vegas looked like when visiting this area of the city.  You will find several vintage neon signs proudly displayed in front of the hotels. If you are interested in seeing the retired neon signs, you can visit Boneyard that is just located near the Fremont Street experience. One good thing about downtown is you can still find old-fashioned cocktail lounges where you don’t have to shout over the music to talk. You can enjoy a round of great drinks in any of the hipster bars.



Henderson was once a big industrial name and the town was full if manufacturing plants. The city is quite family friendly and despite the huge development in and around the city, Henderson has been successful in retaining its small town feel. Car shows, street festivals, art walks are common sights in Henderson. The city has a good number of local restaurants that serve authentic local cuisine. You can also find restaurants serving traditional Japanese cuisine and Mexican favorites. If you are in Las Vegas, you will always find a casino nearby. If you are not interested in visiting big casinos, you can try some neighborhood casinos and bars that allow you to gamble on a smaller scale.

Where to stay

The east and the west strip of the Las Vegas is a good area to stay. Before you book hotel rooms online, don’t forget to check online hotel reviews.

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