Top 5 Road Trips in USA

Those who love adventure and fun cannot miss taking frequent road trips all their life. The good news is that USA offers wonderful options for road trip lovers. Here are some of the most amazing road trips in USA that you should not miss:

  1. Pacific Coast Highway — Route 1

If you are looking for some amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and mountains on the coast, Pacific Coast Highway should be in your list. Driving on the 123-mile Pacific Coast Highway requires driving skills as you can expect mudslides, sharp turns, and diversions. When at North of San Francisco, just look for beautiful views of Mendocino and Eureka on your side.

  1. Overseas Highway, Florida

Though you might find the first part of this road trip starting from Florida mainland to Key Largo a little boring, but when you reach Key Largo by way of Islamorada and then terminus of Route 1 in Key West, an amazing view awaits you. Imagine the fun driving alongside turquoise-hued sea and crossing a 7-mile bridge. That’s the fun that you should never miss.

  1. Route 12, Utah

Here is one of the most spectacular 124 miles long road, which runs through substantial altitudes (9,000 feet) and passes through woody mountains to reach astounding bare mountains in Boulder. Stop over at Ells Backbone Grill to have lunch or dinner and then drive along a narrow ridge beside the red canyons of Grand Staircase-Escalate and Bryce Canyon National Parks. St George- a nearby, serene retirement town is definitely worth your time.

  1. Kancamagus Highway, New Hampshire

A 34.5 mile short yet scenic drive beside New Hampshire’s Route 112 in northern New Hampshire presents some of the most fascinating views of natural beauty and greenery of the United States. In fact, the road is called as the American Scenic Byway. Do stopover at Compton on this road and spend some relaxing moments watching blue skies and mesmerizing views all around you.

  1. Route 6 — Cape Cod, Mass

A picturesque 117-mile route is worth your traveling time. The road moves through Cape Cod and allows you to travel through forests and saltbox homes located in colonial villages. On the way, you can view tidal ponds before you end your journey at Province town harbor. Lobster pot is highly recommended to food lovers when in Province town.

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