Best skydiving locations in America

All our life, we keep creating a list of things, which we always want to do whether it is getting in shape or going on a trip that we fear the most. If you are also on lookout for a travel destination that offers you all the excitement and thrill you had always wanted, consider some of the most amazing skydiving locations in America. Here are some interesting spots in USA that possess the two most amazing qualities that make them irresistible: scenic beauty and skilled skydiving crews.

  1. Skydive Hawaii, Waialua, Hawaii



Situated in island of Oahu in Aloha state, Hawaii offers a magnificent view with Skydive Hawaii. Skydive Hawaii offers everything that makes it an amazing skydiving experience: a perfect skydiving ensemble and a 20,000-foot jump with more than 100 seconds of free-fall to skydivers. Enjoy the amazing views ranging from the North Shore to Pearl Harbor.

  1. Skydive Zion, Zion National Park, Utah




If you are looking for comfort and safety both, Skydive Zion is certainly a place you should not miss. Imagine jumping out of a plane for the first time and being surrounded by the people you have jumped with. Moreover, Skydive Zion maintains a perfect record on safety. You can expect perfect views of the national park and enjoy an amazing weather all through the year.

  1. Key West, U.S.A.



Looking for some amazing views and a smooth skydiving experience? Well, the Key West dive offers you overhead views of the Florida reef when you start floating in the air. Once your parachute opens, watch out for fun-loving dolphins and other animals below. How about gently floating towards the earth and touching ground in less than 10 minutes?

  1. Grand Canyon, U.S.A.

This is perhaps America’s most magnificent skydiving fantasy. But if you really want to turn this to reality, you must plan to visit the Grand Canyon and indulge in world-famous Skydiving there. You have an option to add photo and video photoshoot and walk away with a Certificate of Achievement.

  1. Pocono Mountains, USA

Here’s a place that is home Don Keller, who runs the Northeast Pennsylvania Skydiving Center. The center holds world record for having more than 41,000 skydives and parachute descents. Imagine the excitement of seeing the world while hanging out in the air and watching the sunset over the Sugar loaf Mountain. Down below, you can see lovely, plush green Pennsylvania forests and turfs.

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