Top 5 interesting ways to celebrate March equinox








Twice in a year, the Sun reaches a position just above the line of equator, which results in equal day and night all over the Earth. This year, vernal equinox is on 20th March. The day is celebrated as the time of transition and rebirth in the Northern Hemisphere. There are many festivals and holidays which are celebrated by numerous cultures such as Easter and Passover.

Here are some interesting ways to celebrate March equinox:

  1. Balancing the egg

Since the time immortal, eggs are connected with the March equinox simply owing to the fact that standing or erection is the symbol of origin and fertility and there is a myth associated with the day. It is believed that an egg can be balanced on its bottom only on this day.


  1. Celebrate New Year

The day is celebrated as the beginning of another year in several Asian countries such as Iran, Turkey, and India. It is known as Nowruz – a “new day” in Persian.


  1. Visit Mexico

Plan a visit to Chichén Itzá, which is one of the recent Seven Wonders of the World, and also the ancient Mayan pyramid, El Castillo. Here, during sunset, you can see a triangular shadow on the El Castillo pyramid, which creates an illusion of a snake descending on it, which is believed to be the feather serpent god- Kukulkan. To avoid crowd, you can book hotel rooms online and compare few hotels from leading hotel reviewer sites.


  1. Plan an Story-time for family

In many parts of the northern hemisphere, March 20 is celebrated as World Storytelling Day while the southern hemisphere celebrates this as the autumn equinox. So, families may spend some quality time together and share stories related to family, childhood etc. on this year’s theme- Transformation.


  1. Celebrate love for your mom

Several Middle Eastern countries such as Iraq, Egypt, Syria, and Saudi Arabia commemorate this day as Mother’s Day. But, that doesn’t stop you from remembering your mother, calling her, and if possible spending some exclusive time just with her.


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