Top 4 places to visit in April

April is the true rise of Spring with weather gets consistently warmer with the sun shining brighter. The grass looks greener in April and the rain showers become more frequent and thus you can expect some of the most stunning blooms in April in most locations in USA. We have identified some of the best locations in America that you can visit in April and create some wonderful memories for entire family. Here we go:

  • Napa Valley, California

The valley is certainly the most famous wine region of USA as a large number of visitors come during summer and fall. However, spring is equally pleasant as you can expect fewer crowds as temperatures range between 60s and 70s. The weather of California is ideal for cycling amid extensive vineyards.


  • Eugene, OR

Oregon the second largest city in USA is not only totally scenic but also a cheaper alternate for budget travellers. You can find plenty of green spaces in Eugene and many perfect places for outdoor activities. Standing 2,000ft-tall, Spencer Butte is a popular hiking destination and before we forget to mention, a visit to Owen Memorial Rose Garden is highly recommended if you want to explore more than 400 types of roses and see the oldest cherry tree dating back to 1847.


  • Washington, DC

Washington certainly falls in the list of most beautiful spring destinations, which you can enjoy not only in winters but also during spring season provided you choose to ignore the immense heat of summers. Around mid-April, you can expect to see more than 3,000 cherry blossom trees beautifying the impressive monuments of Washington, and creating a mesmerizing view.


  • Savannah, GA

Though summer heat can be the worst here, but the Spring certainly brings out the best of the city. With temperatures touching 80s, you can expect to meet many friendly tourists, and plan to quench your thirst with sweet tea while talking to them and exploring remarkable architecture venues of the city. Some of the must visit places include Federal houses and Greek Revival mansions. From here, you can get cheap flights to a number of big cities. Interested?


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