Top 4 Destinations You Should Not Miss When in USA

A real road traveler is always on the lookout for places that are unexplored, scenic and satiate his traveling spirit. Here, we have gathered a list of top 4 amazing destinations in USA that are unique and highly recommended when you are in USA.

  1. Rock City, Georgia

Plan a visit to a 200-million-year-old rock formation situated at a distance of only six miles from Chattanoog and gear up for plenty of adventures such as exploring a 90-foot waterfall, beautiful gardens, a suspended bridge, Fairyland Caverns, which is an amazing destination for the kids. That’s not all, also explore a 1,000-ton balanced rock nearby. It’s simply fabulous to explore more than 400 species of plants and trees when you hit Rock City. From the top of Lookout Mountain, you can even view seven different states of USA.

  1. Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan

Situated at a distance of only 5 miles from Empire, Michigan and along the Lake Michigan, you will find the dune at Sleeping Bear Dunes. It is believed that the two-thousand-year-old dune was created by wind that took sand from the Lake Michigan cliff. Here, you can enjoy climbing up the dune and shooting stunning pictures of the fascinating surroundings. How about a walk or bike trip along the Sleeping Bear Heritage Trail on your way back?

  1. Magic Gardens, Philadelphia

Don’t miss a chance to visit the award-winning mosaic artist Isaiah Zagar’s creation- Magic Gardens. He spent more than 14 years sculpting this beautiful creation or ‘the pride of Philadelphia’. The place is spread over 3,000-square foot space and comprises indoor galleries. You will also love to spend few moments in an outdoor sculpture garden, which is beautifully fitted with mosaic tiles and a random mixture of various objects such as bottles, tires, and lot more to create into art.

  1. Storybook Homes, Los Angeles

Created and named after the “Storybook” style of architecture that started in Los Angeles during the 1920s and 1930s, you can find these creative houses across the city and they are surely worth a visit. It’s fun to explore eight Snow White Cottages which are situated on Griffith Park Boulevard in the city. They were created in 1931 and must have inspired several animators from Disney during that time. Go and explore The Witch’s House in Beverly Hills that has small windows, a trench, and garden and also the remaining seven wonders.

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