Here are 4 Reasons to Visit Key West, Florida

Once hailed as an exciting pirates’ town, Key West has not become more idiosyncratic, tropical heart of the Florida. The island boasts of a lively past and casual stance that just drives you crazy, but there are more reasons why you should visit Key West, and here are some of them:

  1. For its unspoiled architecture

As Key West is nearer to Cuba as compared to Miami, one can’t help noticing the uncommon “Floribbean” touch here. How about cycling the Old Town and viewing pastel-shaded houses peeping through white fences and having chilled iced tea in the soft warmth? Once you enter Bahama Village, which is beautiful as well as bright, you can sense that some of the houses were cigar factories earlier and thus offer a realistic Caribbean feel.

  1. For its spirit to celebrate- almost everything

Locals are known as “conchs” as they eat sea snails and celebrate almost everything, that too in their most characteristic quirky style. Every year in the month of October, the city hosts Fantasy Fest for ten days and you can witness vibrant, fancy-dress parades. The city is casual and inhabitants fun-loving, which clearly indicates why city is fondly called as “Habitat for Insanity”.

  1. For non-stop drinks

A wild nightlife awaits you in Key West and all laidback travellers can enjoy it to the fullest. You can find many interesting places around Duval Street that boast of raucous dive bars frequented by young and old. Visit the Green Parrot if you are a live music lover and you can stay there until the wee hours. Don’t miss visiting Joe’s which is another famous hangout spot once frequented by famous novelist Ernest Hemingway.

You must plan a visit to Key West, if you really want to view the eccentricities that the city offers. It has a potential to attract travelers even during hot and humid climate but March-April are certainly best months for you. If you want to check best online hotel deals, go for highly rated hotel reviewer sites that allow you to compare few hotels. Opt for the site that allows you the option to book hotel rooms online at most competitive rates.

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