Top Money Saving Tips when you travel in USA

The United States may not score that high as a travel destination for backpackers and those who are on budget. People often visit the country for a short vacation and end up spending most of their holidays exploring only one or two cities. The country is huge and doesn’t have a good tourist infrastructure or cross-country transportation facilities. Though there are many beautiful locations that demand time, money is also a huge consideration if you are on budget. Here are few tips that can help you save money when traveling in USA:

  1. Take the local buses

If you want to explore regions across the country, it’s preferable to travel by bus. Do you know the bus fares cost you as low as $1? You should avoid traveling by air or trains as they are expensive. In case you decide to rent a car, you can share the gas costs with your friends or other passengers.

  1. Redeem hotel points

Sign up for hotel credit cards and use the accumulated points when you travel. It will help you in big cities where hotels are charging whopping per day rentals.

  1. Cook

When in the United States, the best way to save your money is by cooking yourself. Do you know grocery shopping is likely to cost you far less than $60 per week and is certainly far cheaper and healthier option as compared to eating out every day?  So, cook for yourself and save!

  1. Camp

Almost all national parks offer cheap campsites, so if you have a camping gear, you must try camping in these parks. In fact, several campsites charge you as less as low as $15 per night per tent.

  1. Go for roadside hotels

There are a several cheap roadside hotels where you can get rooms starting from $40 per night, including tax. However, it’s ideal to opt for them if you are traveling with someone with whom you can split the rental cost.

If you are looking for a perfect holiday in USA without much of hassle, it makes sense to find a good, budget deal by checking online hotel deals and comparing few hotels. Opt for a site that allows you to book hotel rooms online.

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