Top 3 haunted places in USA

Tourism is always linked with adventure and adventure is all about thrilling experiences also. Many people find it interesting to know about haunted sites in new region and visit them. In USA too, there are lots of haunted places on the basis of paranormal activities. But before you plan a trip to these places, do check online hotel deals. In fact, there are several hotel review sites that offer you genuine reviews and also enable you to book hotel rooms online. Here are some of the scariest places in USA:

Pine Barrens, New Jersey

The heavily forested area in Pine Barrens makes it a fabulous tourist attraction but it also has a haunted story behind the dense vegetation. The forest region spreads over a million acres and seven counties in the state. The region habituated paper mills, saw mills, and other industries during the colonial era. However, the place is now known more for the story of the Jersey Devil. The devil was born in 1735 to Deborah Leeds as her thirteenth child. It flew up with its leathery wings and goat’s head into the Barrens and reportedly started killing live-stocks. Interested in exploring?

Myrtles plantation, Louisiana

Another haunted place to fill you with a thrilling experience in USA is Myrtles plantation at Louisiana. The house had been built by General David Bradford in 1796 on an Indian burial ground. According to the local tales, it habituates a dozen of ghosts including the former slave named as Chloe. Her ear was chopped off by her master as a punishment for eavesdropping. For revenge, she poisoned a birthday cake and killed two daughters of the master. Then, her fellow slaves hung her and she wanders in the plantation till now concealing her severed ear with a turban. You might be interested to visit this place even after knowing this goose-bumping story of the haunt.

St. Augustine Lighthouse

You would like to know that St. Augustine Lighthouse is visited by over 200,000 people every year. But these travelers are not those who want to wander in beautiful places but those who are engaged in paranormal activities. The historical site undergoes many tragic events every now and then. According to a legend, the first death in the lighthouse was of the lighthouse keeper who fell while painting the tower and died. Another event involves the death of three girls who fell into the ocean when their cart broke down. The visitors have experienced the sound of the children playing there.

These are some adventurous haunted places in USA having their legends known all around the country. Do plan to visit them if you are looking for some adventure in life.



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