Top 3 things you can do in Juneau, Alaska

Do you know the mesmerizing beauty of Juneau is accessible only by boat or plane? Another interesting aspect related to Juneau is that every Alaska cruise stops here, so if you are planning to travel Alaska, don’t forget to include Juneau in your itinerary. The city boasts of wonderful historic buildings dating back to 1880s and also modern-day restaurants and shops. They all are set amidst the beautiful glaciers, eagles, whales, and mountains. Here are various activities that you can undertake in when in Juneau.

Activities that you can undertake in Juneau

Mendenhall Glacier – Wildnerdpix

Include the 13-mile-long Mendenhall Glacier Recreation area in your travel itinerary. The place is just a 15-minute ride from downtown and it’s a good idea to spend at least an hour watching the magnificent glacier. You can even spot waterfalls if you are lucky and plan a trip to the visitor center to learn more about snowflakes and glaciers, and how glaciers were formed over time. The best way to get to Mendenhall Glacier is from downtown by taking the Glacier Shuttle, which leaves every half hour.

Glacier Gardens

It is a perfect place for couples to spend few exclusive moments in the colorful botanical garden and explore “flower towers,” which are actually upside-down trees that look like huge hanging baskets. After gardens, take a motorized cart into the rainforest. The place offers a beautiful view of the adjacent area and also of the cruise ship terminal.

NorthStar Trekking

Looking for some fun and adventure? It’s time to gear up for the Alaskan glacier on the X-Trek. It is a three-hour adventure that offers amazing hiking and climbing opportunities over rocky terrains. The course offers vital training in climbing and rope techniques and will certainly satiate adventurous souls.

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