Top 4 Secret But Must Watch Locations in USA


The world is filled with beautiful places to visit and America is one among the countries habituating marvelous natural and man made attractions. If you are looking for a lovely spot in USA to entertain your heart and soul; the only thing you need to know is the list of wonderful, unrevealed secret travelling locations. Pick your places of interest from the list of destinations mentioned here and compare few hotels to lodge around these interesting places.

Garden of Gods in Colorado

You will love visiting this public park in USA as it consists of amazing red rock formation. The rocky shapes make the garden speculating because of outstanding geographical features. Garden of Gods in Colorado is actually situated in the northern part of Colorado City. You can even book hotel rooms online around this location to enjoy lovely natural views around the place.

Tamanawas Falls in Mt. Hood National Forest, Oregon

If you are planning to visit to eye-catchy secret places in USA, don’t forget to visit Tamanawas Falls in Oregon. This waterfall gives a dramatic view, which will surprise your eyes along with some adventurous things to do. For instance, you can have an amazing view of the surrounding park by clambering up the rocks above the hills.

Grotto of the Redemption in Iowa

Adventure lovers will love to know more about this wild place which is also known as the Eighth Wonder of the world. Being the largest artificial grotto in the world, it bears a wide variety of gems and stones. The gems and jewels have been used everywhere in the place for encrusting the grotto structures. You should not forget to check online hotel deals near this location in USA during your adventure trip.

Hanging Lake in USA

Although this lake is familiar to natives of Colorado still this will surely surprise to the travelers who don’t belong to this state. The turquoise colored water of the lake makes it far attractive for nature lovers. It had been created due to shearing of the valley floor and dropped in the form of a shallow lake bed. You should not expect getting a chance of swimming here as it is not allowed due to fragile nature of the ecosystem here.

You can check the availability of lodging facility around these must watched places in the hotel reviewer sites. Hope, you will enjoy visiting these places. So, are you ready to add these destinations in your USA trip?







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