Top 5 Weirdly Cool Places in USA

Are you planning to have an adventure trip to USA during this holiday season? Well, there are many interesting places in the country and you can visit your dream locations. In fact, there are weirdly cool places in USA but it makes sense to check hotel reviewer sites to find some of the best deals to save money and time on finding a good place to stay. But, let’s see what you can enjoy in USA:

  • Freemont Troll

Four local artists built the Freemont Troll in Freemont district of Washington. You will love to click memorable pictures for cherishing your sweet memories of USA visit. A bearded giant of about 5.5 meters height has been designed to clasp a Volkswagen Beetle in his hand. Check online hotel deals to check a perfect stay around this interesting place.

  • Death Valley national park

If you are looking for a unique place in USA with beautiful landscapes and towering mountain peaks, you should not miss visiting Death Valley in California-Nevada border. It seems this part of the state is made up of tiles due to stretches of dried lakebeds. This weirdly cool place is known for the natural movement of rocks for which signs have been seen.

  • Coral castle

Coral castle is situated in Florida and is known for its wonderful sites, which attract the tourists. Many speculating scenes and interesting museums of the place make it an interesting place to visit. The coral castle is believed to be carved by a man named Ed Leedskalnin during 1923 to 1951, single handedly. Many people believe that he had some supernatural powers.

  • Carhenge

This outstandingly attractive place in Wyoming is made up of old and painted cars. You will surely have lots of fun here. Being replica of Stonehenge of England, this is already a well famous place in US. Created with 39 vintage automobiles, this place served as the source to study the design of Stonehenge.

  • Area 51

Area 51 is a mysterious and weirdly cool place in USA, which is believed by science fiction readers to be a zone of unidentified objects. The government doesn’t allow travelers to tour in this place. Still, you may enjoy eating dinners in the restaurants on the way to area 51.

So, these are the top weirdly cool places in USA. You can compare few hotels around these places by referring to some good online hotel review sites and find best deals.

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