Top 4 Incredible Spots to view the Stars in America

Are you looking for something exciting to do in USA? Well, the brilliant experience of gazing at the stars in the clearest night is nothing less than a relaxing moment. Yes, surprisingly, you need certain specific spots to view the stars properly. This is because the artificial lights from cities may prevent you from enjoying the majestic appearance of the starry sky. Let’s discover the places from where you can have the perfect view of the natural lightscape:


Cherry Spring States Park

The Cherry Spring States Park is among the darkest spots where you can go to watch bright and twinkling stars. Although, this place is in close proximity to urban areas, you will still find hilly region around the 82 acre park. How about enjoying the 360-degree view of the pollution free sky from the park? But before you plan a trip, do check online hotel deals in the area for a perfect vacation.


Haco Culture National Historical Park

Have you ever thought of watching stars from a park which is a home to more than 4,000 prehistoric archaeological sites? Here’s an opportunity, which you should not miss. This is the perfect place in USA for star gazing as the sky appears fully clear at night from Haco Culture National Historical Park. This natural dark spot is the best place where you can spot a beautiful sky full of stars. The solar viewing, astronomy programs and stargazing by telescope are carried out by the Chaco Night Sky Initiative from April to October.


Mauna Kea

This 13,803 feet high dormant volcano is the highest point in Hawaii from where you can enjoy an amazing sight of stars. Imagine the fun of watching stars from a zero light pollution region in USA. Before you reach there, you must search some reliable hotel reviewer sites to know the best place to stay.


The Headlands

Another place which is free from the city’s light and air pollution and can give you the best view of starry sky in USA is the Headlands. This beautiful place in the lower peninsular region of Michigan is the perfect option for watching stars. The dark sky discovery trail, a one mile paved path had been built there in 2012 for stars gazers.


So, have you planned visiting any of these exciting places for stargazing at? Well, you can compare few hotels to get the best lodging packages before booking any one of them online.




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