Top 4 Safest Cities for Solo Women Travelers in US

Gone are the days when women were not supposed to travel alone. Now, there are many countries that ensure safe and comfortable travel environment to women traveling alone or in a group. Though the US remains a safe haven for women travelers, still there are few cities that are far safer as compared to others. Let’s explore some of the safest travel options for women travelers


San Francisco

Being extremely safe for women, this city has secured a special place in the heart of woman travelers. The city offers easy access through BART train that runs directly from the airport. You can explore entire city without any problem by using the combination of cable cars. When in city, you can explore north beach, Chinatown, Golden Gate Bridge, and Fisherman’s Wharf.


You can find a safe and comfortable hotel stay and even book hotel rooms online, which are situated around big restaurants, shopping mall and busy streets. All you have to do is to find a hotel reviewer site that allows you fair and genuine reviews of hotels.



Another safe city in US for solo women travelers is Portland. The city has many fun options and you can enjoy outdoor activities and cultural programs here. People are friendly and willing to help you with directions in case you feel lost. Similarly, hotels and restaurants are full of supportive staff who offer freebies and instant help whenever required.


New York

If you are not much adventurous and just want to roam in a big city, New York is waiting for you. You can get into the city from any of the two airports through easy public transportation system. Wandering in the city is easy through the grid system and city has many travelers, so you will never feel unsafe. Enjoy sightseeing tours, pay a visit to central park and 9/11 memorial and indulge in window shopping when in New York. Drinking and dining in the hotels while listening jazz is the favorite pastime of travelers there.


Seattle, Washington

If you want to visit a fantastic city in the USA, Seattle in Washington is a good choice. The city houses cool cafes, unique boutiques, and shopping spots. You can enjoy historical walking, Olympic Sculpture Park, and restaurants with delicious food.

Once you have identified which all cities you can go to when in USA, you can next explore safe hotels in the area. It makes sense to compare few of them and get some online discounts on your hotel stay. Have a safe stay!

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