5 Best cities of America for Summer Travel

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Every year the Travel + Leisure readers rank the Favorite Cities of America through a survey, which is based on various qualities such as food or shopping options available there. The readers also specify the best times of year to visit these cities. So here’s something, you can totally trust on. Listed below are top cities of America that are ideal for summer travel:

  1. Portland , Oregon

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Summer has all best things to offer to this northwestern city of Portland- berries, fresh-caught salmon, and lots of amazing summer drinks. The voters gave Portland first prize for its microbrews. Enjoy bicycling around the city or go for hiking near the waterfalls out of the town, Portland will not disappoint you.

  1. Seattle, Washington

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Here’s an infamously rainy city—which stood last for winter visits. It is pretty sunny all through the summer and certainly a great time for outdoor activities. So, you can buzz around in seaplanes or enjoy great evenings in city parks.

  1. Portland, Maine

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If you like lobsters for a meal, head towards Portland to find big, seasonal summer temptation. How about paddling off in a kayak or enjoying a walk on the streets of the Old Port. The city is a perfect destination for those who believe in going to bed early and the voters declared its nightlife as absolutely sleepy.

  1. San Diego, California

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Go to San Diego if you want to enjoy beach life throughout the year—even June can be pretty cool and grim here. The city hosts Comic Con convention and at the Del Mar racetrack. City’s zoo, Sea World, and Lego land are worth a visit when you go there during your summer vacation.

  1. Providence, Rhode Island

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Here’s a chance to witness Water fire, which is a chain of tiny bonfires that illuminate the rivers downtown in the island city of Rhodes. AFC voters numbered the city at 5th position for its mom-and-pop cafes and burgers.

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