5 Things to pack when travelling to USA

So, you are planning a vacation to US this time? USA is the home to many beautiful places where you can have memorable holidays. To make your journey to the US more comfortable, it is important to pack all required items. Let’s go through the checklist of items you should not forget to carry when travelling to USA.

Passport and documents

Passport is the foremost requirement to travel to USA. You must make a file of the important documents required for your journey to the United States. Check twice all the documents such as your passport, visa, driving license, identity proof, travel insurance details, and tickets. Keep a backup of all the documents in your mobile phone in the form of soft copies.

Cash and credit cards

You should have an idea about the way you would pay in the USA for everything. Get your money exchanged with US dollars to have enough cash with you. Also, it is important to inform your bank before going to overseas. Keep 2-3 credit cards with you to avoid inconvenience.


Stepping out from your home to travel overseas without your medicines is a big risk. So, you should keep all your medicines with you in a box. Who knows whether you get those medicines in the US or not? So, you must keep an extra pack of medicine with you.


Gadgets and chargers

You will not like to miss the opportunity of capturing any beautiful scene in the US, right? Of course, you must double check your favorite camera in your travelling bag. Mobile phone, power pack, tablet, laptop, portable coffee maker, and heating pad are those mandatory gadgets that you must pack with your stuff. Keep the chargers of all your gadgets with you to avoid discomfort.

Booking details

Don’t skip the process of booking the transport and accommodation in the US for the duration you will stay there. If you have not done advance booking of transport and lodging, you must check certain hotel review sites and compare few hotels before you book hotel rooms online. Check whether the booking details of these amenities are ready with you or not.


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