Top 3 places to go in the USA for wildlife and nature

Are you planning a fun trip to explore the fauna and flora of the USA? If yes, here you go. America is a fantastic place to discover a wide variety of natural habitats. USA is already famous all over the world for the richness of its wildlife. From shining seas to fruited plains; redwood forests to majestic creatures; everything about the natural beauty of the USA is amazing. Let’s explore a few places you can visit in USA to grab good views of nature and wildlife

Everglades National Park, Florida

This is known as the only place in the world where crocodiles and alligators exist together. Actually, the environment of everglades national park allows them to live in harmony. The sunning alligators can be seen in the royal palm section of the park while many crocodiles hang out in the flamingo area, at the southern part of the park. To click a photo of these creatures, you must maintain a healthy distance and focus on their eyes for great pictures. Check online hotel deals in Florida for a better lodging experience.

Badlands national park, South Dakota

Being one of the fossil-rich spots in the USA, Badlands imposes the formation of layered rocks. The place habituated camels, rhinoceroses and dinosaurs earlier but now the creatures are smaller and cuter. Yes, you would like to see the social prairies dogs there. They live in the underground colonies in the main loop road of the park.  You can feel the impulse of going near to them and clicking a picture of them for their cuddly and furry appearance. But resist this feeling as they can give you a painful bite if scared. In hotel reviewer sites, you can find the best place to stay in South Dakota.

Yellowstone national park, Wyoming, Montana

You cannot resist visiting to Yellowstone national park when in the USA. There, can see the biggest land mammal of the US, the American Bison. The animal weighs up to 1800 pounds and the Yellowstone national park is the only place in the US where bison are living for a longer time. These creatures feed on wheat grass, blue grams and other grasses, so the best opportunity to see them will be found in the areas rich with grasses. Book hotel rooms online to avoid inconvenience while in Wyoming.

These are the 3 good places to see wildlife and nature in the USA. You can compare few hotels in internet to find out the best lodging deal there.






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