The Perfect Places in New York to Spend a Weekend


Unlike most people who tell you to spend your free weekend in a peaceful town, the best weekend getaway is in the city, New York to be exact. Filled with millions of tourists spots, from the Times Square to the Bronx Zoo, the city that never sleeps is a must visit for every US traveler.


Before we continue on to all the places you should visit in New York, here’s a tip; the best and the worst part of New York is that it’s the most populous city in America. Hence, finding an inexpensive place to stay over the weekend is hard feat to accomplish, it’s important to hotel room online prior to your trip. Look for a place, which is well within your price range and don’t forget to compare a few hotel deals online.


  1. Statue Of Liberty

There are many iconic spots to visit in the city, but the Statue of Liberty is in a league of its own. The statue placed upon Liberty Island is the symbol of freedom and peace and is a beautifully designed piece.


  1. Broadway

One place you should always make time for is Broadway. Broadway is a road down New York, which contains almost 40 theaters, in which various musical shows are played throughout the year. These shows have culminated throughout the years and are a delight to watch, such as; Hamilton, Lion King, Wicked, Grease and Cats.


  1. Coney Island

A great place to visit with kids is the Coney Island which is an amusement park with more than 50 rides, not only does it include rides but it also has a beautiful boardwalk filled with arcade games and performances.


  1. Museums To Visit

A couple of great museums to visit are The Metropolitan Museum of Arts, which has a great ratio between Modern and Ancient Art, Madam Tussauds, which contains wax figurines of famous celebrities from around the world, and The Museum Of Modern Art which contains beautiful pieces of art.

If you do have some time you must go to to Central Park for a walk, it’s a beauty no matter what season you visit in.

If you have decided to escape to this beautiful city then, just enjoy exploring it and don’t stress over visiting every famous tourist spot here. Grab a map from your hotel and go on a walk. Stroll around this beautiful city, visit Chinatown or Little Italy, see the culture from all around the world seep into this small city. Eat shawarma from the food trucks and visit the tiny cafes for their world famous gelato, just enjoy the city.

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