Where to Learn How to Ski in America

Skiing is a great way to escape the heat of summer by heading out to a ski resort and learning how to ski. Not only is it a great sport that has been played for over 7000 years, it’s also surprisingly easy to learn. When looking for a good resort, I suggest going online and comparing various hotels for a good deal.

If you have never gone skiing before and are confused on where to go, do plan a trip to the state of Colorado to learn how to ski. Not only does it have three very good resorts where you can practice skiing, but each one of them offers great beginner classes too.

1. Copper Mountain, Colorado

Copper Mountain is a great place to go if you’re an adult and this is your first time skiing as it has a variety of private and semi private lessons. Also with more than 20 percent of the Copper’s terrain designated as beginner, this mountain offers newbie’s incredible access.

2. Beaver Creek, Colorado

If you want to learn skiing as a family, Beaver Creek resort is a great place to start. They have great beginner classes for both kids and adults, so you can learn as a family. Parents can view children’s classes from the window of the center. The resort also has lanes for all sorts of skiers- from just starters to lifetime skiers.

3. Aspen Snow mass, Colorado

The reason why Aspen Snow mass is the best place to learn skiing in Colorado is because not only does it have a hill where beginners can practice and learn at their own pace rather than moving quickly and inefficiently with the group classes with the time limit. They offer classes with every January as beginner skiers’ month where a whole array of classes is provided to excite and teach skiers how to ski efficiently.

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