Here are some Cities where you can find super-food in the USA

So, you are all prepared to enjoy your holidays in the USA? Do you want to know about the restaurants offering super-food there from kid’s meal to gluten free items? If you are among the people who are obsessed to dine out but believe in healthy living simultaneously, this list of super-food cities in the US is for you only:


If you are in love with fast foods but don’t want to eat them for their high calorie ingredients, California is the best place for you. There are food zones in the city to meet your demand of certified organic fast food. You can satisfy your hunger with delicious fried chicken sandwiches, wraps, bowls, classic fast-food dessert and organic popcorn with caramel and chocolate. Plan your Sunday dinner to taste a wide variety healthy salads, whole grain filled bowls and roasted vegetables. However, check online hotel deals to explore the best lodging place in California before you plan to visit the city.

New York

New York is not only the city of skyscrapers but also a home to classy restaurants that serve super-food to the visitors. Compare few hotels for the best affordable stay in New York. Here, you would find better options to replace unhealthy pies and casseroles. So, customize your plate with lean meat, tofu, whole grain preparations, pan sautéd cauliflower, chicken roulade, and salmon tartare.

Washington DC

When you check in the city to see the world-famous museums and explore the art and literature of America, it’s natural to seek a good place for a healthy plate. Well, the restaurants in the city serve mouthwatering veggie preparations of kale, carrots, green beans, parsnip beet puree, and corn. They especially prepare meatless mushroom, cauliflower steak risotto for waistline friendly people.


Definitely, your trip to America would involve a visit to theme based parks and islands for snorkeling in Florida, right? There are so many options in the city to beat your appetite with something healthy. Super-food restaurants in the city offer low calorie milk shakes, slow roasted meat, and lean meat preparations. However, it makes sense to check some amazing deals before you visit the city and book hotel rooms online to save your time.


Portland is a city with joyful things to do. Apart from shopping, hanging out and visiting parks in Portland, you can taste delicious super-food there. For a wide range of tasty food and beverages, the city is called as the foodie capital of America.  You can easily grab a fresh mix of vegetables, grains as well as cocktail drinks and nonalcoholic sips in the restaurants.

So, you know now that how you can eat healthy in these fun cities. Go through some hotel reviewer sites to know about the hotels and restaurants of your interest.






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