Some fabulous cities to Drink, Dine and Dance in USA

A fun trip to USA would be an exciting experience for you, right? You will not like to miss the chance of drinking, dancing and dining out there for the sizzling nightlife. Numerous cities in the US habituate open late rides, theme parks with neon lights and fantastic dancing and dining areas. Let’s check out the list of cities where you can drink, dance and dine out in the US –

Los Angels

For the number of brewpubs, theatres, bars, amusement parks and classy restaurants, Los Angeles is known as one of the top cities of the US with fun-filled nightlife.  There are adjacent shopping areas to buy collectives and charms. Hollywood and the West Hollywood are considered as the best nightlife area of the city. Hollywood covers about 2 miles of the sunset strip in the east. Do check online hotel deals at the best price to stay here and make most out of your trip.

Las Vegas

Party lovers love to spend their night in Las Vegas as there are so many nightclubs, lounges and bars in the city. The 24 hours casinos give you some extra scope of entertainment. It’s better to book hotel rooms online to avoid discomfort. With the spacious dance floor, delicious drinks and lavishing food to eat, the city is waiting for you to experience a fun night there.


Chicago is the kind of place where you will love to stay at least for a night for its enjoyable nightlife. There are many options to be chosen from according to your taste. Numerous music clubs, concert venues, comedy clubs, bars and lively pubs are ready to welcome you as the sun sets. It’s good if you can compare few hotel deals to find the best place for lodging in the city.

New York

There is no lack of nightclubs and bars in New York. The city never sleeps. Who will like to lose the chance of dancing on indie rock beats in those classic taverns? The current cocktail trend which is in hike there involves retro interior with remade art deco spaces. You could also visit tiki lounges to taste fruity umbrella drinks.

San Francisco

People interested to experience a sizzling nightlife in the US love to visit San Francisco. The city is home to an outstanding nightlife as it offers entertainment zone to the multicultural crowd of domestic and international clubbers. There are several hotel reviewer sites where you can check about the class of hotel you are planning to lodge in.

So, these are the leading cities in the US with an exciting nightlife. The experience of dancing and eating out there would surely add a good experience to your US trip.

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