Top 5 Cities to Taste Seafood In US

A fun trip to America is really a matter of excitement. America has some top-notch seafood restaurants in different cities to beat your hunger. Some of those restaurants uphold cherishing traditions by maintaining the palate of the food while others provide a homely taste to their customers. Here is the list of cities habituating leading seafood restaurants in the US –


Charleston is one of the best destinations for sea-food lovers. For the well-flourished fishing industry, the city has been developed as one of the leading sea-food providers. You would not like to miss the opportunity of tasting delicious dishes there such as fleet landing, fig, fish, Blossom, 82 queen and pearlz oyster bar. The mouth-watering preparations of shrimps, grits, crab cakes, hush puppies and fried oysters are waiting for you.



Boston is counted at the top in the list of seafood cities in the US. The capital of Massachusetts is home to a number of food zones where you can grab fresh seafood. The local cuisine involves lobster rolls, clam chowder, and various recipes of oyster. Go through the hotel reviewer sites in internet for the best place to stay there.


New Orleans

New Orleans is counted among the best culinary spots in the US. A distinctive feature of the city is the unique local seafood cuisine. The dishes served in the sea-food restaurants there include seafood etoufee, blackened red fish, creole jambalaya, oyster Rockefeller and Cajun seafood gumbo.  It’s better to book hotel rooms online rather than reaching there directly and wasting your time in search of a comfortable hotel.



The list of the best seafood cities in the US cannot be completed without Portland. Situated in Maine, the biggest lobster supplier of the US; Portland has a good fishing industry to play a major role in the local economy. Dishes made up of lobsters, fishes, crab and clam are ready to meet your demand of palatable seafood there. Compare few hotels online for the best lodging deal in the city.


Seattle accommodates an important fishing industry and several restaurants which offer seafood. The Pike Place Fish Market is one of the premium attractions of the city, drawing over 10 million visitors every year. A good supply of salmons, oysters, crabs and pacific food prepares an excellent combination to be dined by the guests of Portland.

So, do include these cities if you are looking for delicious seafood in the US. You must check online hotel deals before reaching there. This will make your trip comfortable and memorable.

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