5 cities to travel in USA by bicycle

Enjoying lovely time in USA is a dream of many people but only a few become successful in spending the best moments of life there. You need to add something exciting in your trip to make it memorable. Cycling can be one of the most preferable activities for energetic travelers to USA. Here is the list of the cities where you can travel by bicycle:

Boulder, Colorado

Interested to visit a cyclists’ paradise in USA? Boulder in Colorado is a picturesque mountain town, which will be a perfect cycling destination. Boasting miles of bike paths, the best biking trails such as walker ranch and nice weather together make this place the best option for cyclists. You just need to grab a bike and ride through the town for a great time. However, you must check online hotel deals before you plan your trip. There are many websites that enable you to compare hotels, offer reviews, and also discounts on online hotel booking.

New York City, New York

You may be afraid of jumping into the traffic of New York City but it’s a sheer fun to roam in the city on a bicycle. The hundred miles of bike trails are ready to welcome the bicycle lovers. How about spinning down to the Hudson River Greenway to cover the round trip from Battery Park to Manhattan?

San Francisco, California

If you are tired of cruising cable cars and hustle bustle of the city life, you need to snatch some time from your schedule for cycling in an ideal biking lane. San Francisco is really a treat for passionate cyclists. The long trek, rolling hills, picturesque scenes of the Pacific, and the iconic landscapes; everything is there to satiate your senses in a true manner.

Austin, Texas

Nobody with a love for cycling would like to miss the opportunity of visiting to Austin Bike Zoo. The quirky capital city of Texas has a specific bikeway for fun lovers. A famous hill country in the outskirts of the town is waiting to offer you the endless picturesque landscape to ride along. Book hotel rooms online there to avoid discomfort.

Louisville, Kentucky

One of the most charming cities in the southern part of Kentucky is Louisville. For the giant bicycle super highway and linking parks, the city has secured a good position in the list of the top cycling hubs of Kentucky. A groovy pedestrian bridge is also there to allow you bop across the Ohio River.


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