5 Places for Adventure Lovers in USA

Are you looking for the top places in USA which promise true adventure? If yes, we are just going to reveal some of the most popular adventurous sites that are a true delight to an adventurous soul. So here are some places that offer you not just adventure and excitement, but you can also enjoy thrilling sports and many other outdoor activities.

Glacier Bay Alaska

Want to roam around the dynamic glaciers, rugged mountains, wild coastlines, sheltered rainforest? Glacier Bay in Alaska is world’s biggest international protected national park. With unlimited chances of adventure sports and staying closer to the Mother Nature, the place offers sheer inspiration to visitors. You would love to click the amazingly beautiful natural scenes here.

Sunset Beach Hawaii

A passionate adventurer can certainly not miss the chance of wandering in sunset beach at Hawaii. Being paradise for surfers, water sports lovers, snorkelers and swimmers; the sunset beach attracts thousands of travelers every year. The exciting natural scenes and gigantic waves here create a beautiful grand welcome sight. However, before you plan your trip to Hawaii, it’s better to check online hotel deals before reaching there and book hotel rooms online.

Houghton Skate-park, California

What about escaping the city life by visiting the Houghton lake state park in California? You can enjoy nice time here with fishing, camping, boating, canoeing, snowmobiling and downhill skiing. Looking for entertainment? There are venues for lovely music , dance, amusement, and relaxing spa. Don’t forget to compare few hotel deals and save time and energy in looking for the best lodging place.

Cape Hatteras, North Carolina

Relaxing under a starry night, listening the sound of ocean waves, and experiencing calm moments in salt marshes that truly makes an exciting combination. You can find this and much more at Cape Hatteras, which is a special tourist attraction in California. The national sea shore has received its outstanding shape by the forces of storms, wind and water. You can enjoy several amazing things are there at the seashore such as kayaking the sound, enjoying the beach and exploring all new natural beauty.

Tuolumne River, California

What can be more interesting and amazing than walking beside a river with your sweetheart? The Tuolumne River in California is a standard for rafting and is counted among the seven whitewater wonders of the world.  It’s really a fun to hike up on the canyons created by cascade waterfalls and reconnecting with nature.

These are the top adventure places in USA, which must be visited by the passionate wanderers. Check out the hotel reviewer sites for the best accommodation deals in USA.




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