Top 4 Locations to Surf in USA

Surfing has a special place in the list of entertainments in the American culture. There is nothing more interesting to do than embracing the water waves. Being an amazing water sport, it has a special place in the hearts and minds of travelers to USA. Let’s see the list of top places to surf in America –

Salmon creek at California

Definitely, California is not the first place that comes in the mind of an adventurous surfer. The sea offers mysteries that may enthrall you.  Other than facing the dangerous sea creatures, you also have to adjust with is the real chilly year-around currents. In fact, it makes sense if you are fully prepared to handle the challenges the sea may have for you. How about seeing man-eating great white sharks? All you have to do is find a balance between adventure and your own safety.

Long beach at Washington

Looking for numerous miles of sandy breaks along with an adventurous surfing? Plan a trip to the Long Beach in Washington to enjoy surfing in the mild temperature throughout the year. The place has exciting surfing spots and lots of sandy beaches. It’s certainly an ideal beach for entire family. However, it makes sense to check online hotels deals and go through various hotel reviewer sites. Go for those that offer you the chance to compare hotels based on genuine feed backs from travelers.

S Turns at North Carolina

Want to enjoy something unforgettable while surfing in USA? If yes, S Turns is the best place, which is famous for its outer banks. The beautiful beaches with pristine sand and water enhance the beauty of your surfing session. In short, this is the best choice for die-hard surfers. Plan a trip today.

Cocoa Beach at Florida

Cocoa Beach is known for its remarkable appearance and proximity to the Kennedy Space. There is a lot to do here. The sprawling beach offers deep sea fishing and opportunity for eco-tour adventure such as kayak tour or air boat ride. And if that’s not enough, you can enjoy some sightseeing or visit museums and historic places. Love golfs? You can even play golf on spectacular golf courses here.

So, these are the top places where you can plan to surf in USA. However, you must check the best lodging deals in America before you pack your adventure gear.

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