The best Islands to visit in the USA

There is something captivating about a thought of visiting an island. Away from the hustle bustle of the cities, one can immerse in the beauty of the never ending water, enjoy long strolls surrounding the coastline, feel close to the nature and leave all the worries behind. So if you find yourself checking the islands to visit in US, scroll down this list to know what you should not miss. US is home to the world’s most beautiful islands that offer numerous family and solo activities to keep you hooked throughout the stay. Also it is suggested to check hotel reviewer sites and online hotel deals before making final arrangements to avail early bird discounts.

Maui Island

How would it feel to watch a sunrise from atop 10,000 feet? Enchanting, right? It’s one of the benefits of visiting this wonder island. If luxuriating on white, black and even red sand, swimming under waterfalls and hiking through craters sound like paradise to you, then planning a visit to Maui is must. It is a place known for surfing and windsurfing along with offering the adventure loving people a chance to scuba dive. Get close with a wealth of marine life and enjoy fine dining with your loved ones when you plan your next trip there.

Key West

The place is famous for water sports and lively nightlife. Beaches and historic sites just add to the over-all feeling. The island’s intriguing architecture, gardens and courtyards will keep your mind hooked to them and you would never want to leave the place. Du val Street, one of the most famous strip of shops in the area is a must visit to satiate your hunger for not just for food and drinks but for better hospitality and friendly atmosphere. The island is also known for coral reefs, snorkeling and diving which are sure to keep the adventure going.

Hawaii Island

Most commonly known as the Big Island, it is the largest island in the US which is also a home to one of the most active volcanoes. Featuring world’s tallest sea mountain, Hawaii will make you fall in love with its unmatched beauty. It is made of eight major islands with each one featuring its own adventure activities and thrills. The island can make you experience 10 of the world’s 14 climate zones which is something totally magical. Plan at least a whole week and compare a few hotels online before you book hotels rooms to enjoy your vacation hassle free.


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