Top 3 Beaches to Explore when in the USA

How does one cope up with the excruciating heat when in US? Let us count the ways: from bikinis and barbecues to gorgeous sunsets and surf riding, the beaches in US offer solace to every nomad’s heated mind. Walking hand in hand with your partner while the waves silently brush up your feet becomes one more reason to fall in love with the whole idea of vacationing at a beach. So when you visit the US next time or are already planning a trip, along with checking online hotel deals, make sure to include these top three beaches in the list.

Siesta Beach, Florida

The beach boasts of some of the finest, whitest sand in the world and it is one of the major attractions for tourists visiting from around the world. The clear, warm water is inviting for every swimmer while also encouraging them to play volleyball or other recreational activities. Siesta has four main areas including Turtle beach, Siesta Key Village, Crescent Beach and Siesta Beach with each of these having their own character and charm. Recent upgrades include free trolley and expanded parking to make the place more feasible.

Nantucket, Massachusetts

A trip to this place is no less than visiting a fairyland. The bright blue backdrop merging with the calm and soothing ocean surrounded by white cottages give this beach an appealing tone. There are Surf side Beach and Children’s Beach, both of which have calm water with abundance of sand castles. So be it a family trip or a romantic one, the place has something to offer to everyone. There is a whaling museum there that sheds light to the island’s role as an old whaling hub. Make sure to compare a few hotels and check hotel reviewer sites before making the final bookings.

Clear water Beach, Florida

Beachfront hotels and broad sandy shores have remained enough reasons for countless families to visit Clear water Beach every year. Visitors have numerous activities to indulge in while at the beach to make sure their stay remains an enjoyable one. One can sunbathe on white sandy beach, enjoy a game of beach volleyball, take a dolphin watching cruise, stroll around the museum or aquarium, para sail or even rent fishing boats. Spend at least a week there and book hotel rooms online before you pack your bags to make your stay a comfortable one.

If planning a trip with family, make sure to recheck with the beach authorities about their rules and facilities for a child on board.

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