3 must-see places in the US with your kids


Families with kids have a dilemma which places to visit that offer equal fun opportunities to their young ones.  We are telling you about three kid-friendly destinations that are not only fun to visit but also have some educational element.  If you look at these places through your kid’s eyes, they will look nothing short of magical.

Walt Disney World Resort (Florida)


It is very hard to find a kid who does not love Walt Disney characters and a trip to Walt Disney World Resort is every child’s dream.  It is one of the most popular theme parks for kids with several new attractions for the kids.  The Wild Africa trek gives your kids an opportunity to see live Nile crocodiles, giraffes and lazy hippos idling in water.  If your kids are brave enough they can strap into a harness and dangle 10 feet above the crocodile’s head.   The Walt Disney World Resort has several reasons to visit including meeting the famous Mickey & Co.

 The Freedom Trail


Learning history becomes exciting when you visit the places in social books in reality. The Freedom Trail is a nice place to know everything about the history of the US. You can learn the history of the US starting from the colonial period (18th century). The 90 minutes Pirates and Patriots tours focus on the maritime history where you see ship-raiding characters that inhabited the city.  Your kids also get an opportunity to see the “Long Wharf” which was the longest ship in the world and the epicenter of Boston’s colonial shipping industry. At the Freedom trail, your kids can get hands on colonial money or some vintage goodies or musket balls. The trip to Freedom trail in Massachusetts will make history more interesting.

Niagara Falls


The Niagara Falls is not only for adults or couples. It is one of the most popular landmarks that even your kids will love. Besides appreciating the beauty of the waterfall, there are so many activities that your kids will enjoy.  The Niagara’s Cave of the Winds tour is a fun filled, awe-inspiring tour for everyone.  The tour takes you deep into the Niagara gorge where you are closer to the waterfall and also feel the power of it.  You ride an elevator that goes 175 feet deep in the Gorge. Once inside, you are required to wear a yellow poncho and special footwear provided by them.  When you are standing on the railing, you are only 20 meters away from the torrents of the Bridal Veil Falls. The water flow looms your head and you can experience generous sprays as the waters thunders down the fall.

Where to stay

There are several hotels in the US that are kid friendly. These hotels offer special amenities such as kids club with a costume closet and play centers for kid’s activities. You can find such hotel in every state.   Search few traveler hotel reviews online sites to know about such hotels and book hotels online

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