Top Iconic Foods That America Is Most Famous For

When it comes to serve delicacies that make your mouth water on a mere sight, America has to come on top. From best of Pizza and sausage dishes to scrumptious pies and S’mores, US is house to all. So when you are visiting the west, make sure to indulge in some of the best lip smacking dishes that we are going to discuss next. To avail season discounts and offers, make sure to check online hotel deals and compare a few hotels before you book hotel rooms online. 

Apple Pie

Who could have thought that a simple combination of butter pastry, sugar, and tart sliced apples would be so extraordinary that it would become an inseparable part of people’s lives. So whenever you are crossing a restaurant that is serving the same, make sure you get in and try a bite to fall in love with the delicacy forever.

The Hamburger

You might have seen many Hollywood actors nibbling on one in movies and it sure must have generated some love in your hearts. It is as simple as it gets and every place has its own way of preparing it. Hamburger is surely one dish that you should try if you are a fan of non-vegetarian food. Do give it a shot.

Clam Chowder

Visiting Boston and not trying Clam Chowder is considered illegal for a reason. The not so attractive looking white and lumpy soup is going to capture your taste buds on first serving only. It is made from heavy cream, tender potatoes, salted pork, quahog shellfish and herbs. Try it your way whenever you are visiting the country and you would surely admire the taste.

Deep Dish Pizza

While pizza is equally enjoyed all over the world, one might think this isn’t a big deal to try when in US. Here is where you are committing a mistake. You would find numerous varieties of this dish there that you may not have heart about before. Deep Dish Pizza is one of them. The crust rises higher to give more space to cheese and sauce to spread around and making it taste out of this world.


This is actually not a dish but a tradition where family and friends get together for turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, and green bean casserole. So if you find yourself roaming in America around November, make sure to be a part of this age old tradition. Do check hotel reviewer sites before you make a booking to enjoy some discounts as well.

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