Fun Things to Do While Attending Maine Lobster Festival

The sea food extravaganza is celebrated in Rock land every year during the first weekend of August and is famously known as Maine Lobster Festival. It is enticing tourists and locals since the year 1947 and due to the fact that there are numerous fun activities for adults and children alike makes it a must visit place at least once in life.

What is the Festival all about?

Held over five days, it aims at celebrating Maine’s lobsters in all their glory through various parades, running races, cook-offs, lobster crate race that is held in the middle of the ocean and musical acts. Nearly 20,000 pounds of lobsters are steamed in a massive cooker in a lot of butter which will make your tongue melt at a mere sight. With the help of over 1,100 volunteers, the festival is held successfully every year and is also known for raising funds for various social causes.

What all Activities can Kids Participate in?

Many people attend the festival with their families as there are plenty of activities for kids as well. The Children’s Tent offers varied events like Diaper Derby, Cod Fish Carry, and Lobster Eating. Kids can also participate in the ‘opening act’ of the adult road race which is equally fun. There is kids’ Fun Run which is a one mile run down for interested kids. You can also witness the local young women competing for the title of Maine Sea Goddess. There are various stage shows as well to watch with your kids.

Planning your Visit to Rockland

If you are attending it then make your bookings in advance as everything gets booked by the time the festival commences. It is suggested to check online hotel deals and then book hotel rooms online to get the maximum discounts. Comparing hotel reviewer sites and checking online hotel deals help make your accommodation cheaper as well.

Other Activities for Travelers there

One can explore several lovely beaches in Southern Maine which are known for stunning views and warm water. Boat tour, evening dinner cruise, or historic train ride on Eastern Railroad are enough for a relaxing getaway while enjoying the breathtaking scenery. Outdoor enthusiasts can plan a visit to Acadia National Park as well which is house to mountains and woodlands along with ocean shoreline all at one place.

Be sure to witness this spectacular event with your family to not just enjoy the scrumptious sea food but also to have loads of fun being part of various activities.

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