Payson Rodeo – The World’s Oldest and Most Famous Continuous Rodeo!

In the year 1884, the Payson Rodeo began and now it has the distinction of being the oldest one anywhere in the world. And the rodeo weekend in Payson, Arizona has much more than the official rodeo events that are loved equally by all the attendees. It goes on for full third weekend and begins with a wonderful parade on Saturday morning followed by lots of dancing, music, libations in the evenings and some other amazing events. So pack your bags, book hotel rooms online and get ready to be a part of the full filled rodeo at Payson.

Steer Wrestling

This event is as adventurous as it sounds. In steer wrestling, a cowboy tries to steer the horse by the horns and try to get it on the ground. The real challenge here is to get the horse to the ground without losing balance and grip. It is one of most loved game by the locals there.

Barrel Racing

In this popular event of Payson Rodeo, women compete in a timed manner with their horses where they have to maneuver them through the tight turns and make it to the finish line before everyone else to win. The technique and athleticism matters the most here and that is what is cherished the most by the crowd there.

Entertaining Horsemanship

In between the Rodeo, while one can witness the animals being released and cowboys preparing for the next event, there are various other entertaining events lined up. Like Rodeo Clowns, Rodeo Queens, Horsemanship Acts and much more. Sometimes, the cowboys also try and entertain the crowd by involving two horses in their feat.

Shopping and Food

After getting your heart filled with entertainment, you can stroll around and enjoy the reasonably priced refreshments. Gifts and souvenirs are also available there and most of the people do not go without buying a cowboy hat at least.

Sheep Riding for Kids

Kids also participate in the fun by wearing protective gears and riding the sheep bareback while trying hard to make it to the finish line on time. It is both fun and enjoyable at the same time.

Make Preparations Beforehand

Since it is a popular event, it is obvious to run out of available hotel rooms quickly. So before anything else check some hotel reviewer sites, and online hotel deals to make the bookings in advance. To get the best offers on your stay, do compare few hotels before making the payment. Pack along a sunscreen, a hat and keep some beverages handy to avoid the high heat.


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