Sturgis Motorcycle Rally – Weekend Getaways that you can’t Miss!

The world’s famous motorcycle rally takes place in America every year in South Dakota and goes on for ten full days filled with events and loads of fun. Sturigis Motorcycle Rally usually takes place during first week of August and started in 1938. It was originally held for stunts and races but gradually it found its way to people’s hearts and now more than five lack people take part in it every year. So if you are going to witness the thrilling events this year, make sure you book hotel rooms online in advance to avoid last minute rush.

The Black Hills Rides

This place is one of the main reasons why Sturgis has evolved into such a big rally place. The Black Hills National Forest spreads through a large part of the state and is quite gigantic to make the event all more exciting. There are plenty of miles of empty roads to explore while enjoying the riding fun.

Main Street

This area solely belongs to the motorcycles during the event. Visitors can stroll around, window shop, purchase assorted mugs, postcards, cups, t-shirts and enjoy a meal at nearby restaurants and bars. You can also get your bike serviced if you want and can check out truck races, rock concerts and so much more around the main street.

Mt. Rushmore

There is seldom anyone who hasn’t seen or heard about this iconic structure in movies or reality. So when you are in South Dakota, make sure to pay a visit to this mighty American landmark at least once. Audio and other guided tours are also offered if you wish to know more. The Evening Lighting Ceremony is something that comes under the not-to-be-missed category.

Badlands National Park

Badlands is a Landscape with thousands of acres of beauty for you to cruise through and enjoy. It is a massive camp side and if you are a fan of burnout pit, bighorn sheep, swift fox and bison then this is their perfect habitat to witness along with enjoying a great hiking trail.


With amazing dining, shopping and sightseeing experience, this small gold mining town is biker friendly and has over 80 plus legal gaming halls that are sure to turn your trip into an awesome one.

Making your Stay Comfortable

So if you are going to be a part of the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, do ensure that you check hotel reviewer sites online before your visit to make your stay comfortable. Check online hotel deals and compare a few hotels to avail early bird offers.

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