Tips for Attending the World’s Longest Yard Sale!

The World’s longest yard sale has been in existence for 29 years and is still one of the most famous sales equally loved by people all around the country. It runs from 3rd to 6th August every year, usually the first Thursday through Sunday, starting at Noccalula Falls Park. One can look for Antiques, Flea Market Finds, collectibles, or any kind of bargain there, as it is now 690 miles long ride covering hundreds of vendors throughout the front of the park.

So if you are planning on visiting this time start booking hotel rooms online and keep the following tips in mind:

Search for Best Sales in Advance

Doing this will not only sort out your trip but will also help you manage it better. Take help from certain websites that post the sales in advance and accordingly, make a list of towns you will cross and what all you can visit there alongside shopping.

Hotel Bookings and Places to Stay

690 miles sure look like a never ending journey but when you have itinerary in hand, you can make the task less daunting for all of you. Before booking a place to stay, check online hotel deals, compare a few hotels and then make the final decision to get the best offers. Some hotels in certain towns are cheaper than others, so don’t forget to compare with hotel reviewer sites as well.

What to Pack?

A lot of people recommend taking plenty of cash along as the cards might not work with a lot of vendors. If you are driving on your own, keep your gas tank full and also carry numerous water bottles as it gets hot around this time pretty quickly. Be prepared for any sudden rain splatters as well. Take a camera, pack sunscreen, keep some snacks handy and your trip will be all sorted out and enjoyable. Also take along plenty of empty bags to make storage easy.

Be Friendly and Bargain

Don’t forget to greet the vendors to make a good first impression and always bargain as the prices are usually hiked because they expect the shopper to lower it down later. If you don’t like anything, politely refuse and move on.

Once you visit the world’s longest yard sale, you would come to know how amazing and fulfilling the whole experience is and why people are so crazy for going out there. It is truly a shopper’s paradise and even if you don’t plan on buying much, you will end up spending more than you planned to. Make your bookings now!

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