How to spend perfect 48 hours in New York?


Time is a precious commodity especially while on a vacation. If you are planning a trip to New York City, you need to be cautious about how to spend your time so s to get most out of your trip. Even intrepid visitors cannot hit all happening places in NYC in 2 days. So we are providing you with some tips and guidance that will help you spend perfect 48 hours in NYC.

Day One


With numerous towering skyscrapers, Manhattan is the wow factor of NYC. But don’t forget the humble origin of the island that is equally mesmerizing.Before the industrialization, North Manhattan was an area bustling with woods and farms. You can see some neighborhoods like Hudson Heights and In wood maintaining the same environment today. Take a stroll along the winding paths and hills away from the hustle and bustle of NYC. Enjoy a glorified view of the George Washington Bridge from the hills and visit The Cloisters Museum, a home to medieval art.The museum is famous for its collection of architecture elements,art, and gardens of medieval Europe. Here you can see more than 2,000 exceptional artworks from the medieval West.Take a train to 145th Street station and visit Hamilton Heights to see the 20th-century elegant housing.Unlike the crowded area with towering skyscrapers that is common in downtown NYC, here you can see spacious apartment buildings, row houses, and brownstones that you won’t see else where.

Day Two


Your trip to NYC cannot be complete without a visit to Brooklyn.You can start your day with an early morning visit to see the iconic Brooklyn Bridge.The Brooklyn area in NYC has several Instagram-worthy spots and you can also get the best Manhattan skyline views from this place. If you are visiting the city during the weekend, you can participate in NYC’s revered traditions – the Sunday Brunch.You can try the Super Duper Blood Mary and banana blueberry bread which are some of the brunch favorites. Brooklyn has several diverse neighborhoods and one of them is Williams burg. It was once a busy industrial waterfront but now an area with cool quotient. You can spend your afternoon at Brooklyn Brewery where you can taste world class beers with some music to swing along.If you prefer something more traditional, you can visit Carroll Gardens that are known for their Italian heritage.

 Where to stay

All areas in New York City are well connected by public transit system that can take you to most visited tourist’s attractions safely and cheaply. The best area to stay depends on the type of accommodation you are looking for. The Times Square is the most preferred area while areas like Chelsea and Upper West side have very fewer tourists. Before booking online, check online hotel reviewer websites to know about the rates and facilities offered.

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