Here’s why Attending AFROPUNK FEST Should be on your Bucket List

Afro punk Music Fest is all about fun, music, partying, dancing and making loads of new friends. It is the most multicultural festival in US that takes place from August 23-24 and is free for the public. Amidst the colorful, creative and cool vibes, it is hard to not lose one completely into the surroundings. So if you are planning a trip to Brooklyn this time, make sure you attend this fest. To make it more comfortable book hotel rooms online in advance. You can also check online hotel deals to avail early bird offers.

You can be Creative about your Attire

Nothing ruins the fun factor more than knowing that you have a dress code for attending various events. Luckily, there are no restrictions of those kinds here. So put your creative mind at work and be as creative and colorful as possible. Your style will be loved and admired by all and who knows you might be noticed by the fashion police and get featured on their site.

Great Place to Meet Cool People

What’s better than being a part of a really cool music festival? Having great company! Buckle up as you are going to meet a lot of fabulous and cool people there who will amplify the fun without any questions asked. Let your social media circle know too as your friends might be going as well.

You will get to see Amazing Artists

There is a different kind of charm in watching your favorite artist play live in front of so many people. Every city has its own line up and you can easily find out who’s performing when on the event pages. The two days are surely going to be really spectacular for you and your family.

It’s not all about Music

Even if you don’t enjoy live music that much (well who doesn’t?), you can visit AfroPunk Music Fest for great food and drinks. There are small markets as well where you can buy shoes, accessories and clothes. Visit the website and know in advance what all you can get your hands on.

There is a Lot of Room Available

For anyone who does not reside there, Brooklyn has a lot of exciting places to stay at during your visit. So check hotel reviewer sites, compare a few hotels and make your bookings in advance. You can also check the event’s website to know any ongoing offers on hotels and resorts.

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