Breckenridge Oktoberfest – A Full on Entertainment Getaway for Everyone!

Breckenridge hosts the largest Oktoberfest in the Rocky Mountains in the month of September beginning from 8th-10th every year. Of course there is a ton of beer, but the fest organizers keep everyone’s interest in mind while planning for the same. Make sure to visit face painting stations, put your skills to test at a wide variety of German themed games, get some pre-festival exercise at 5k run followed by a lot other thrilling games.

Look for Good Accommodation Options

While attending the Oktoberfest, make sure to make your bookings in advance. You can look for hotel reviewer sites, compare a few hotels and then book hotel rooms online ensuring you are getting the best deal. Also keep in mind to make your booking as per your travel itinerary so that you don’t have to travel too much from your hotel.

Eat Often and A Lot

If you are above the legal age, then you are surely going to enjoy the variety of beer there. But don’t just go there for that. Head on to the local cuisine shops and try famous food items with your pals or family. Stop often and keep munching while enjoying the activities surrounding you. Keep some cash handy as some vendors only accept cash.

Prepare for the Weather

Event grounds do not offer much in the name of shelter so any sudden change in weather can ruin your fun in a moment. Don’t let the weather scare you off and keep sunglasses, a hat, a warm layer and a rain protector with you all the time. Also if you are planning to drink, don’t drive to the fest.

Don’t be Afraid of the Lines

With the kind of rush the fest receives every year, it is pretty obvious to find long lines at beer and food stations, but don’t be afraid. They go faster than you think. You can also check the event’s website and make some bookings in advance to enjoy unlimited beer. Don’t forget to get a beer stein as these are the most worthwhile in terms of bringing back home a souvenir.

Create a lot of Memories

It is not just about the beer! Whether you visit with your friends or family members, you are going to create a lot of memories. Singing together, partying together and eating together will bring you all closer and strengthen bonds. So, let loose and make the most of your Breckenridge Oktoberfest visit and don’t forget to check online hotel deals before making bookings to get the best possible discounts.

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