Adirondack Balloon Festival – Things to Keep in Mind Before Heading!

Adirondack Balloon Festival is one of the highlights of fall in New York and is an occasion of delight as well as entertainment for a lot of visitors, locals and passersby alike. It takes place during the weekend of September 22-25.

What is Adirondack Balloon Festival?

When you see dozens of brightly colored and many fun and special shaped balloons flying in the sky, you are officially witnessing the Adirondack Balloon Festival. There are a lot of things that visitors can do like walking inside half inflated balloons, watching riders prepare for their flights, and see the exceptional sight of balloons being launched in the sky. The festival begins by holding a launch ceremony followed by a lot of entertainment on the ground as well as in the sky.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • The success of the event completely depends on the weather. If the weather is not supportive, balloons can’t take off and so there might be delays
  • The roads are pretty jammed during the festival, so add on extra time to your travel
  • There are not many bathroom stations present there so try and go beforehand to avoid long lines
  • For visitors who plan to stay until late or join in early morning, pack a set of lights and something to keep you warm as it gets cold in September
  • Bringing binoculars will help you take a good look at your favorite balloon flying in the sky
  • The entry is free for all the visitors but they do not book rides. For that you will have to contact the pilots and pay them the pre-decided fees to be able to ride in the balloon
  • Camping is also not allowed inside so make sure you have accommodation options nearby. You can browse on hotel reviewer sites and book hotel rooms online
  • Make sure you compare a few hotels and check online hotel deals to get best offers and avoid last minute rush
  • Pets and drones are not allowed inside and you are also advised not to smoke. Dress according to the weather to make your tour enjoyable and comfortable
  • Check the Adirondack Balloon Festival website before leaving to get the latest updates on weather conditions and flight details

Adirondack Balloon Festival is run and organized by not-for-profit organization and they basically rely on community and locals support for that. So when you visit, make sure to contribute some by either purchasing something or donating a certain amount.

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