Heritage Harvest Festival – Reasons This Monticello’s Festival is a Must Visit!

Heritage Harvest Festival

Celebrate the legacy of a famous and legendary gardener Thomas Jefferson by being a part of the 11th annual Heritage Harvest Festival that takes place at Monticello, which is a renowned historic lawn. There are a lot of activities that one can take part in to make the weekend awesome. There are many reasons to not miss this visit which we will discuss in the post.

Who was Thomas Jefferson?

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He championed vegetable cuisine and had a huge role to play in sustainable vegetation. The festival celebrates his legacy in the same field. He was a botanist, architect and so much more for the people there and thus the 5,000 acre plantation has been reserved on his name and celebrated every year.The festival is fun and family oriented along with being an affordable and educational event that promotes gardening and is celebrated with much enthusiasm every time.

Tip to make your Trip more Awesome

There are so many activities to take part in, so plan to spend an entire day there so that you can learn as well as enjoy the best things of the celebration. For the same, book hotel rooms online after checking hotel reviewer sites.


The opportunities to learn and explore there are endless. There are 30 workshops on Friday and Saturday each and you can plan to attend any of these. The topics that are covered include plantation, Medicinal plants, Nature, Photography, Archeologist, chickens and the list goes on.


For people planning to spend more time as usual there are a lot of exploring options present. The Guided Natural History walks you through the paths that Jefferson has traveled. You can also enjoy strolling through the unique gardens. A walk to the Stone Stable will give an insight to the restoration work that was done and executed during the life span of Jefferson.


The center is usually divided into parts where you can find a lot of samples on display of your favorite tomatoes, melons and peppers. You can taste them and then accordingly purchase seeds for your in house gardening. Another half usually has dozen different tastes from regional foods. So you can not just take part in the events but can also soothe your taste buds with plenty of yum delicacies from all around.


There are a couple of affordable options that can make your stay comfortable around this time. For that, you can check online hotel deals and compare few hotels before making the final bookings.

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