Acadia Night Sky Festival – Your Guide to a Cosmic Trip to the Stars!

The annual Acadia Night Sky Festival features many art, music, poetry, science and stargazing events. This festival is aimed at preserving the starlit skies on Maine. The rocky coast celebrates the pristine star filled night sky every year with many attractive events and is a great way to promote the protection of a valuable natural resource. So if you want to be a witness to a colossal night sky which is as magnificent as anything could be, this is a festival where you should head next. This event usually takes place from 21st-24th September and the local communities surrounding the park make the arrangements for interested tourists.

Explore Not Just Stars

With the rapid loss of star skies thanks to pollution, Maine is increasingly becoming favorite place for people looking to spend some quality time under the stars. The 9th Annual festival is going to be packed with a lot of exciting events. You can take part in workshops; attend the nationally recognized speakers’ speech on their experiences, or simply sit under the stars feeling ecstatic. There is something for everyone to explore there from families to the serious galaxy lovers.

The beauty of night sky is attended by thousands of people who gather to celebrate the four day excitement filled festival. From star parties, moonlight paddles to special exhibits and virtual space tours, the space never runs out of ideas to surprise you. If you are lucky, you can also attend presentations by astronomers from around the world.

Constellations shine bright there. Ursa Major and Ursa Minor, bears of cosmos and then there’s the planet Mars, the event gets better with each day.

Other Places to Visit

The Sand beach there can be a great place to see some shooting stars or any other celestial event. Seawall Picnic area is also a popular destination for people during Acadia Night Sky Festival. Set up your telescope around the pink granite shore and witness the beauty of our sky. Jordan Pond is a famous place for photographers who have a specialization in night sky.


To make the most of your visit, make some bookings in advance. Check online hotel dealscompare few hotels and book rooms online. There are plenty of hotel reviewer sites that give you the right comparisons in terms of prices; you can take their help as well. Take your family there and witness something extraordinary to cherish for the rest of your life.

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