5 Fascinating Sea Caves of Hawaii You should Explore!

There is something magical about Hawaiian Islands as travelers can’t seem to get enough of their trip there. The breathtaking coastline, picturesque beaches, enchanting sea caves and striking cliffs are some of the major reasons why this place is loved by all. This is a perfect holiday destination if you plan to spend days without worrying over daily life stuff. Sea caves out of other popular landmarks are explored by hundreds of people every year. So, let us dive deeper and learn more about the caves which have the potential of making your trip a memorable one.

Enjoy Diving at Lanai’s Cathedrals

This stunning and adventurous place is the most popular diving spot. For anyone who is planning to experience the underwater thrill, this is a place to go. Lanai is already a loved diving destination by a lot of experienced scuba divers. The underwater formations by lava tube can be seen illuminated by sparkling rays of light during day time.

Enjoy a Boat Tour to Na Pali Coast Sea Cave

This geological formation features an open ceiling to the sky and is surrounded by high rock walls. Tourists generally take a boar tour to reach here and view the cave from close. The light from above penetrates the cave water to give it an ethereal blue hue which is simply mesmerizing to watch.

Explore the Vibrant water at Waiahuakua Cave

Another cave surrounding the Na Pali Coast is this famous Waiahaukua Cave which is considered the best in the world and one visit here can convince anyone for the same. The vibrant water along with a secret waterfall inside gives this place an adventurous feel.

Trip to Oahu’s Mermaid Cave

Anything related to Mermaids is bound to be exciting and intriguing. Many people claim to have heard about an existence of Mermaid cave but not many have been there. But this gleaming cave is located on Oahu’s leeward coast, so, take someone along and set on an exploration tripto create memories of lifetime.

Witness the Wonder of Spitting Caves

These picturesque Spitting Caves are located on Oahu’s southeastern shore. They are found below a high cliff where the water crashing underneath can be witnessed and heard clearly. The waves shoot into the cave and are ejected like a reverse blowhole and are equally amazing to watch.

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