Sequoia National Park – Amazing Things to Do on your Next Trip!

If scenarios have always amazed your mind, you would be thrilled to see what all Sequoia National Park has to offer. It is one of the most beautiful natural habitats that America has to offer. This park is connected with the Kings Canyon National Park and this makes it easier for people to wander around two famous places in one go. Along with offering a plenty of camping and hiking opportunities, the places are filled with unexpected and equally thrilling adventures. Make sure you check online hotel deals and compare few hotels before making your bookings.

Let’s find out more.

Begin with the Giant Forest

Get ready to feel timid amidst the tall trees of General Sherman which are popularly known as the largest treesin the worldby volume. The 2 mile Congress Trail will take you on a good stroll away from the hush-hush of the daily life.

The Beautiful Path of the Crescent Meadow

The two hour and 1.8 mile walk down the Crescent Meadow will give you a once in a lifetime opportunity to experience the Serra Pine woodlands, Tharp’s Log, Giant Forest and a sea of feathery ferns. And if you are visiting during Summer time, you would be able to witness the glorious display of wildflowers.

Climb up the Moro Rock for one of a Kind Adventure

The exhilarating and challenging climbing opportunity will give you access to magnificent views of the Great Western Divide. You can climb up the 400 stone steps to visit the summit of the granite dome and witness some of the best views of the park.

Walk or Drive through the Tunnel Log

If you haven’t already then make sure to take a ride beneath this only sequoia tree which is placed like that in the whole park. You can also stop at the Auto Log and hop on it to take some memorable photos of lifetime.

Check out the Mount Whitney Hike

At an impressive height of 14,494 feet, this 22 miles round hike trip is what keep the hikers and climbers really excited about visiting Sequoia National Park. Take out two days from your schedule for this hike if you want to enjoy it in a proper way.

Crystal Cave, Hume Lake and Grizzly Falls are other famous tourist spots there that you must check out. To make your vacation comfortable, spot some hotel reviews sites and then book hotel rooms online. If you do that in time, you might also get some early bird discount.

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