Kayaking to Turnip Rock – Get Ready for One of its Kind Adventure!

Turnip Rock is a known place in Port Austin and unmistakably the best destination for kayakers to enjoy various activities on Lake Huron. The shallow water around the rock allows you to enjoy and explore the area along with snapping a few memorable photographs. So if you are planning an adventure to this place anytime soon, this guide will come in handy as we will be discussing some important tips for making your trip a smoother one.

Before we proceed with the tips, do ensure that your bookings are made in advance so that there is no last minute rush. For that, you can compare few hotels and then book hotel rooms online for early bird offers.


Lake Huron can be an equally dangerous place to be in and you can never be too safe in the water. So before you finalize the time period when you wish to go kayaking here, do consider the weather conditions beforehand. You can get all the required information from an experienced source and this will further help you plan right.

Safety Gear

Another important factor to keep in mind is the safety gear. No matter how trained or en experienced swimmer you are, keeping safety equipment along is a necessity. Wearing life jackets for all watercraft like canoeing and kayaking is mandatory and if you don’t know how to swim, its importance cannot be overstated.

Know the Limits

Not all boats are alike and not all paddlers can venture out onto the huge lakes. You should know your boat limits and also consider the paddling conditions you aresurrounded with to make sure you have a pleasant water adventure time.

Buddy Up

Paddling and even sailing around Turnip Rock can be tiring so having a buddy along will help share the workload and make your trip even more exciting.

Have a Plan

It is not uncommon for people to get lost during an adventurous time so having a plan and sharing it with someone beforehand will make it easier for you to call for help in case of need.


Littering, trespassing and even planning a party at Turnip Rock is not allowed so be respectable towards the place. Come here to enjoy the natural beauty and enjoy your day off along with your loved ones.

This breathtaking place invites a lot of tourists each year and should be visited by every water adventure enthusiast at least once. So check online hotel deals and hotel reviewer sites and book your trip right away!

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