Big Sur – Things to Do while Visiting California’s Best Tourist Place!

If there is one place that can keep any visitor hooked to its beauty for hours. It has to be the Big Sur in California. There are so many hidden spots here and there is so much that you can do to make your visit a pleasant one. This post will help you unveil the name of the places that can be covered on your next vacation here.

Limekiln State Park

Termed one of the best State Parks in Big Sur, this place helps you enjoy camping, old historic kilns and the beautiful waterfalls. Strolling through the forest here is enough to send your stresses away.

Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park

Home to a waterfall that falls directly into the beach, this is a stop where one should definitely spend some time. You can also hike through the forest around there and even see the waterfall afar via a short hike.

Bixby Canyon Bridge

No trip to Big Sur is complete without visiting the Bixby Canyon Bridge. This iconic place is a very important tourist place for the whole area and you should definitely stop by to admire the views.

Henry Miller Library

Many think about him while visiting the Big Sur. The library is a great stop to relax and also watch concerts where some of the biggest Indie bands come to perform.

Pfeiffer Beach

Accessible by only one road and home of the purple sand, this beach is a must visit place by every traveler. Because of lack of signs, it is easy to miss this place but make sure to look out for the same and spend some quality time at the Pfeiffer Beach.

McWay Waterfall and Beach

The famous area where waterfall falls into the sand is a loved place by all tourists. You can not actually visit here without a ticket but no one can stop you from enjoying the view from a distance.

There are various other hikes and caves that you can set your foot on to have an amazing vacation. To make your stay a comfortable one, check online hotel deals and then book hotel rooms online in advance. You can also browse on hotel reviewer sites and compare a few hotels’ prices for good discounts.

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