Whitaker Point Trail – The Best Place to Visit in Arkansas

This hiking trail is popularly known by two different names, Hawksbill Crag Trail and of course the Whitaker Point Trail. A great hike for any adventure lover, this place holds the position for being the number one photographed and most visited location in Arkansas. The place is hundreds of feet tall and an amazing place for a picnic spot. So if you are making plans to explore more about this wonderful place, you are going to have a gala time.

Let us understand more about this place and how one can visit it with family.

Reaching There


The road there is not made for small cars and it can become rough in many places thus, making it difficult to ride around. It is advisable to travel via a truck or a vehicle with 4X4 size. The steep beginning of the road is the worst part but soon after it ends out on the mountain, a beautiful scenic drive to Hawksbill Crag by dirt road welcomes you.

What all is there to Capture

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 There is beauty everywhere along this trail, more than even what your eyes can capture. The rock does not disappoint at all. The pretty wildflowers, scenic waterfall area in the spring, bright oranges and red turning of the maple leaves all around during the fall – there is no season when this place does not surprise you. Even during summers, one can enjoy hiking along the trail to enjoy the views at the end over Buffalo River Country.

Preparing for the Trip

Walking can be exhausting so make sure to pack a couple of water bottles per person so that you remain hydrated all along. A healthy snack can also be packed to take along for those mid-way hunger pangs. Do not forget to bring your camera and shoot some memorable pictures during early morning or around dawn. Make a point to check weather conditions before planning your visit so that you can take all the necessary equipment’s along.

Be Cautious

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Do not stand or sit near the nose like nook on the end of the rock. Follow the safety instructions and make sure you keep your excitement levels under check. Children should always be accompanied by adults at every point.

The trip to this place can turn out to be an amazing one so check online hotel deals, compare a few hotels and then book hotel rooms online to make the most of your trip. You can also browse through some hotel reviewer sites for better discounts.

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