Top 5 Hawaii’s Big Island Experiences you should not Miss!

The fantastically diverse with miles of highway, Hawaii big island has everything a true nomad looks for in a relaxing and enchanting vacation. From snow capped peaks to sandy beaches, from vintage fishing villages to modern resorts, you will witness a splendor backed by a classic history. So while planning your next holiday exploring the big island, make sure to check out these places that rank high on every traveler’s list.

Volcanoes National Park

The no. one on the list is considered a famous place to experience Hawaiian culture where one can be a part of annual festivals and various lecture series. The secluded palm fringed beaches and miles of beautiful hiking trails through rain forests and deserts make this national park a truly wonderful place to hang out with your friends.

Mauna Kea Star Party

Considered as the most sacred place in Hawaii, this breathtaking location is a viewing pleasure. Once the sun sets, you can take out your telescope to witness the world’s clearest stargazing – an experience you will never forget. If you are into the galaxy stuff and astronomy intrigues you, visit for both sun and moonrise.

Enjoy Snorkeling in Kealakekua Bay

Tourists have named this bay the best for snorkeling in the state and you can believe it to be the one, thanks to the Technicolor fish and the spinner dolphins that lazily circle your kayak. If you don’t like to enter the waters, you can also hike down to the naturally brilliant and historically significant bay.

Lava Chasing

Start collecting your blessings because they are going to come handy when you visit Hawaii to see the live lava as it is not an easy sight to catch. Here lava flows over and under the land of Volcanoes National Park finally plunging into the sea leaving every witness with an awe-inspiring glare. You can walk around, feel the heat or enjoy a boat tour as well.

Hapuna Beach

Ride up to this magnificent place with a rented umbrella, a boogie board and crash directly into the white sand beach. This iconic beach will become your playground and complement your lounge hair, surfboard or water wings perfectly. Just stay close to the front yard for unforgettable views of the water.

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