Plan your Golden Gate Bridge Holiday Soon for a Memorable time with Family!

There would hardly be any person who hasn’t heard about Golden Gate Bridge. The most recognized tourist attraction offers a lot in terms of recreational activities for family and kids. The iconic 746 foot tall orange towers have made it the world’s most photographed bridge that should not be missed at any cost. So if you are wondering about what all to plan for the best vacation ever, you have come to the right place. Check out this guide for more:

Activities to Choose from

Visiting the Golden Gate Bridge can turn out to be the most amazing experience for you if you plan your day as per your preferences. Whether you walk, bike, shop, hike, or take a guided tour, there is something for everyone there. In fact, even if you just sit by admiring the beauty of it, you can consider your day well spent.

Outdoor Exhibits

If you are interested in knowing the history and the engineering of the bridge’s construction, you can check out the stationery and interactive exhibits. Wander around the Plaza outside the Welcome Center and from there follow the pathway to enter an old bunker to explore some more interesting exhibits.

Walking Tours

The history of the Golden Gate Bridge can be relived with the help of the walking tours. There are a few non-profit organizations that provide the service free of cost once or twice a week. You can know more about that through their website. You can even schedule your walks beforehand as per your holiday plan.

Refresh and Enjoy at the Cafes

There are a couple of Cafes where you can have some snacks and enjoy the views around you while making some new friends. So even if you don’t pack your lunch, you would survive the day!

Hike and Explore

Image result for hiking near golden gate bridge

Both sides of the bridge are surrounded by Golden Gate National Recreational Area that is a pleasing sight to witness. The picturesque trail offers hiking opportunities to all adventure lovers where you can spend a day exploring the beautiful location. And for a hard core adventure lover, House of Air Trampoline Park is one place to visit. 42 Trampolines are there to pump up your adrenaline but this place sells out quickly, so make sure to book tickets in advance.

Staying with Family

To make sure you have enough time to roam around and explore while vacationing in the U.S., consider making bookings in advance. There are various hotel reviewer sites where you can check online hotel deals. Do compare a few hotels and then book rooms online for a well-planned holiday.

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