What Not to Miss while Visiting the Yellowstone National Park

Visiting Yellowstone National Park is a must for anybody’s travel bucket list. Along with offering surreal views, surprising landscapes, exotic wildlife and constantly changing surroundings, this park is a fun spot to spend some quality while venturing into the wild with your family. This place is the most diverse site in terms of scenery and that is why you should book hotel rooms online in advance and plan your Yellowstone National Park trip soon.

Here are some of the landmarks you should definitely spare some time for:

The Grand Prismatic

Located a few miles from Old Faithful, the Grand Prismatic is at the Midway Geyser Basin. This place looks as natural as anything can and one is bound to feel lost in the serene beauty of it. There is a huge parking space along the road and this place remains quite busy during peak season. There are many hiking trails here that can help you plan a nice adventure with your family.

Old Faithful

Your visit to Yellowstone is incomplete without visiting Old Faithful. It is because it erupts like clockwork every 45 minutes which is an exciting sight to witness. There is even a sign that tells you when it will erupt next. You can find a gift shop, hotel, deli, cafeteria, visitor center, and a restaurant as well in the vicinity. You can also spot numerous small geysers along with prismatic pools.

The Grand Canyon

Start with Artist Point and enjoy amazing views of pastel yellow, orange and pink canyon that has a waterfall in the middle. Then you can drive back South and stop at Uncle Tom’s Trail. You will find various trails around the Grand Canyon area. Getting back up requires a little much effort, so don’t fret it, just keep going.

Mount Washburn

If you are short on time and you don’t think you can visit a lot of places, consider hiking up the Mount Washburn. You will witness some of the most beautiful wildflowers and enjoy magnificent views of the park. Once you reach the top (10,000 feet) you can go into the first and second floor of the fire lookout tower.

Wear comfortable shoes, bring a sunscreen along, pack some snacks and you are sorted for the day. But before all that check online hotel deals and compare few hotels to confirm your stay. You can take help from hotel reviewer sites as well for good deals.

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