Exploring San Francisco – A San Francisco Bucket List you never knew you Needed!

Traveling is all about creating memories with your loved ones that you can cherish forever and there is no other place more fun and quirkier than San Francisco that can fill your heart with adventures of lifetime. So if you are going to visit San Francisco anytime soon, do check this bucket list of things that you must do along with booking hotels rooms online.

All the fun things to do here in San Francisco:

Walking on Both Bridges – Walking the entire distance is an absolute bliss as you get to see beautiful vistas of the city. Hiking trips around Golden Gate Bridge are also available that will take you to the Treasure Island for one of a kind fun.

Off the Grid Gatherings for Food Lovers–Food truck venues and events are well known in San Francisco city and Off the Grid hosts amazing gatherings at different areas that you must explore once. Over 32 trucks usually participate for a weekend bash with music and entertainment that is all done in a creative manner.

Amazing Views from Hilltops–Spot a hilltop for you and get some pretty far out views while standing there. The popular ones include Diamonds Heights and Twin Peaks. Some local favorite destinations are Bernal Heights, Corona Heights, and Delores Park.

Weekly Organic Certified Markets–Wednesday and Saturday weekly markets are going to be a lot more fun when you will discover some fine quality produce that too at a great price. It is more popular among locals but if you are around during that time, do stop by for some finished goods and prepared foods.

Ride a Cable Car–If you haven’t, you should! Pick one from the three lines: the Powell-Mason Line, the Powell-Hyde Line, and the California Line. The rides are full of surprises and you will end up feeling so out of this world.

Have a Bonfire at Ocean beach – Who does not love bonfires? Have your own at Ocean beach or Muir beach. You can enjoy campfires at Kirby Cove and Charcoal fires at Portable BBQs too.

Take a Ride to Alcatraz Island and the prison – Take a ferry to the island and enjoy a fun ride with a lot of options of activities and tours. You can have a nice picnic with your family and even get a guided tour to the prison which does intrigue a lot of tourists.

San Francisco is a place that never falls short of the places to explore and visit. So spend at least a week here by making bookings in advance. Check online hotels deals, compare few hotels with the help of hotel reviewer sites and you are sorted for your tour.

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