Must Visit Sights for a Great Cannon Beach Tour!

Cannon beach is surrounded by a lot of amazing sights that are sure to mesmerize your mind with just a single glance. It offers a perfect setting for a refreshing stroll, you can go explore the Oregon coast area or gather around a beach fire for a perfect night time fun. There are dozens of things that will simply attract you to this natural wonder. So while you sit around planning your next U.S. trip, do check out the list of amazing sights that can be explored during your upcoming vacation.

What all can be Expected?

The Oregon Coast boasts of breathtakingly beautiful beaches and some of the best viewpoints one can ever witness. You can spot dramatic rock formations, lush rainforest, stunning beaches, unforgettable state parks and picturesque waterfalls.

Must visit:

The Beach and Haystack Rock

Four miles of sandy beach stretches north and south of the Cannon beach with an iconic Haystack Rock sitting on it. The scenic paradise will engulf you in its beauty and when you venture further, you will come across some of the most beautiful and dramatic rock formations that Oregon Coast is actually famous for.

Ecola State Park

While visiting the downtown Cannon Beach, Ecola State Park comes under the not-to-be-missed list. This recreation area is quite famous for the amazing view points and you just need to pay a minimal parking fee to enjoy a day of fun and activities here with your family.

Arcadia Beach

Situated only two miles from south of Cannon Beach, Arcadia Beach State Recreation Site is a fun filled picnic area that features rock formations and tidepools. Visitors really enjoy exploring this place as its serene beauty amuses a lot. Just make sure to book hotel rooms online when you plan to visit so that you can avoid the last minute price hike.

Hug Point

During lower tides, you can walk north around the Hug Point to find sea caves and small but equally beautiful waterfall along with remains of an old roadway. The Hug Point State Recreation Area features beach access and being there would really bring out the fun side of you.

Oswald West State Park

The 2,500 acres space with several options of hiking trails makes this State Park a hit among outdoor enthusiasts. There are also picnic areas and walking paths if you are just looking for a place to hang around.

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